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Operation 2011/365

Operation 2001/365 is still in effect. Only this time LC has logged in first and I have to do a rebuttal. First off LC, Congratultions on qualifying for the Boston marathon. That takes a lot of dedication and a lot of hard work. The offer is still on the table if you decide to run, You can borrow my N Y yankees shirt.The crowd around Fenway Park will love it. I can almost assure you will have a fast time wearing it. I have to admit LC has me on mileage, I have 545 at the 90 day mark, But my objective is to finish the year with excatly 2011 miles.

Operation 2011/365 : 60 days

30 Day mark Opeeration 2011/365

Well today marks the 30 day point of Operation 2011/365. As of today I have 148 miles and 30 days straight. Still a long way to go. So far I have not had to hit the treadmill,even though those 8 degree mornings were a little rough.My longest run to date has been 12 miles and the shortest has been 3 miles. Most runs are in the 4 - 6 mile range, with long runs being on Saturday mornings. No injuries to report at this point.

Operation 2011/365 update

a little update on my quest to run 2011 miles and 365 days straight. We hit the 100 mile mark this morning haven't missed a day so far.. A good slow easy run this morning ( most runs have been that) Outside temp of 20 with wind chill of 10.So far no injury problems, had to deal with weather and a couple 12 hour days at work, But still managed to get run in. So far all runs have been outside. Started a Live Healthy America team last week, So I have another reason to get out and run. Stay tuned for more updates at a later time

New Year's Resolution

Time to annouce my goal for the coming year to the world. It is what I call Operation 2011/365. my plan is to run 2011 miles total and to run at least once every day. That's 365 days straight.I will either end up injured or in pretty good shape. But at least i will be able to eat pretty much any thing I want. Does any one want to join me in my quest? That means a weekly average of about 39 miles. I am starting off using the Jeff Galloway run/walk method.

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