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July 2011

Biscuit Bolt 5K Results

Date of Race: 
07/16/2011 - 9:30am

 Here are the results for the Biscuit Bolt 5K held on July 16th.Thanks to everyone who came out. A special Thank You to Natalie and Amanda at Outdoor Rec. for putting this race on. Don't forget to visit and say thank you to Biscuitville. They are conveniently located along the Riverwalk Trail, so stop in before or after ( even in the middle ) your next run  

Saturday Morning Group run

 This Saturday morning will be a group run at 9:00am at the Community market. Any one is welcomed to join in. You can run as much or as little as you wish. This would be a good time to preview the Biscuit Bolt course ( minus the biscuits) or to start preparing for the River City 5K in Sept. or the 1/2 marathon in Nov. I plan on running 6 - 8 miles, But you are free to run more or less.You should bring your own water, But I will have extra in case it is needed. hope to see some new faces there.   Lee  

Patriot Challenge Trail Run Results

Date of Race: 
07/04/2011 - 8:30am

Here are the results for the Patriot Challenge Trail Run held on July 4th. I would like to congratulate everyone who finished this tough course, also a special thanks to all who volunteered their time to help with the race. A very special thanks to our sponsor Centra Health and the Danville Running and Fitness Club. If you disagree with any of these results or have any suggestions on things we can improve on, please feel free to contact me. once again THANK YOU    

State of the Running Community

I thought everyone might be interested in the following information about runners