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Feeling Lucky at the Shamrock 5K

The Shamrock 5K was one of the happiest races I have ever run.  The day was beautiful and everyone was in high spirits.  I saw a lot of new faces on the course and quite a few familiar ones as well.  If there was ever a perfect day for a race, it was March 20, 2010.  After a long, cold, dreadful winter everyone was out to stretch their legs and enjoy the warmth.

The Start of a Runner

Running and blogging? Two of my favorite things combined in one lovely place. Even better, since this is a website about running and fitness I can assume that if you are reading this you must have some sort of interest in running, unlike my friends and coworkers whom I am sure simply tolerate me and nod at what they consider to be my complete insanity. I mean afterall who wants to run 10 miles? With nothing chasing me? So I'll take a moment to explain how this obsession started.

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