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March 2010

Feeling Lucky at the Shamrock 5K

The Shamrock 5K was one of the happiest races I have ever run.  The day was beautiful and everyone was in high spirits.  I saw a lot of new faces on the course and quite a few familiar ones as well.  If there was ever a perfect day for a race, it was March 20, 2010.  After a long, cold, dreadful winter everyone was out to stretch their legs and enjoy the warmth.

Shamrock 5K Run/Walk Results

Date of Race: 
03/20/2010 - 10:30am

MALE TEAM (Based on Top 3 Males )
Goodyear Team Score 13+17+20=50.
Dylan Wingate, Michael Ashby, Steven Cook

FEMALE TEAM (Based on Top 3 Female Finishers) 
American National Bank Team Score 104+144+148=496.
Vikeesa Stultz, Paige Simpson, Whitney Burnett

PLC = Place, PAG = Place In Age Group, AGE G = Age Group

Green Legs & Hamstring Race 2010 Results

Date of Race: 
03/13/2010 - 10:00am



Patriot Challenge 5K/10K Run & 5K Walk

07/03/2010 - 8:30am

The 5K and 10K runs are on Anglers Park mountain bike trails.  The 5K walk is on the paved Riverwalk Trail. On the trail runs you can decide near the 5K finish if you want to finish the 5K or continue on in the 10K event. Entry form will be posted soon.

The Start of a Runner

Running and blogging? Two of my favorite things combined in one lovely place. Even better, since this is a website about running and fitness I can assume that if you are reading this you must have some sort of interest in running, unlike my friends and coworkers whom I am sure simply tolerate me and nod at what they consider to be my complete insanity. I mean afterall who wants to run 10 miles? With nothing chasing me? So I'll take a moment to explain how this obsession started.

March Running Club Meeting

03/16/2010 - 6:30pm

The March meeting of the Danville Running & Fitness Club will be March 16, 6:30pm at Lewis & Mary Dumont's house 249 West Main St. Danville Va. Food and beverage will be served. Afterwards we will be preparing the entry form mailings for the Nestle 5K and the Bridge to Bridge 5K. It will be a great time of fellowship and getting some work done for the club.